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Coca-Cola's Julie Seitz To Deliver Keynote Address On April 23 At 2015 NAMA OneShowAward

Seitz will discuss the role of the vending and refreshment services industry in the evolving workplace.

Seitz will deliver her keynote address during the NAMA Annual Meeting, taking place 9:30 – 11:00 am on Thursday, April 23.

An 18-year veteran of Coca-Cola, Seitz has served in leadership roles in a wide variety of areas, including food service, national sales, business planning, marketing and Olympic general management.

Founded in 1936, NAMA is the association representing the $42 billion U.S. vending and refreshment service industry.  With more than 1800 member companies including many of the world’s most recognized brands, NAMA provides advocacy, education and research for its membership.
NAMA announced today that Julie Seitz, director of Workplace 2020 for The Coca-Cola Company, will be the Thursday keynote speaker at this year’s OneShow in Las Vegas.

As the director for Workplace 2020, Seitz is working to define the future of Coca-Cola’s workplace globally, including an ambitious mission to revamp and update the company’s Atlanta headquarters to appeal to a growing millennial workforce.

At OneShow, Seitz will share how companies can use their workplace as a competitive advantage to attract and retain a millennial workforce. Her address will include research, trends and best practices, and will make a visual impact, featuring dynamic depictions of workplaces and break rooms of the future.
Registration Opens For Coffee, Tea & Water ShowThe National Automatic Merchandising Association's 2014 Coffee, Tea & Water Show takes place Nov. 11 to 13 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. - See more at:
 Toyota’s Scion “Swag” Machine Wins Gold Event Technology Award

The “Swag” machine built for Scion, a division of Toyota Motors, won the Gold Medal at the recent Event Technology Awards. The award was presented at the 4th annual EventTech Conference, held at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Scion was facing an interesting challenge with its auto show activations. The brand had earned a reputation for having the best swag on the show floor, but it found that consumers were coming in to the experience to grab items without interacting with product specialists.

In order to boost customer engagement, Scion decided to leverage social media and placed orders for the two first-ever NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled Instagram-powered vending machines. The two machines were activated at the New York City, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles auto shows.

Hardware involved a vending machine with a 32-inch video screen, integrated PC and a custom-fabricated door - designed with cool sketch-style graphics.

At each machine, consumers were encouraged to take an image in the exhibit and post it to their Instagram account with specified hashtags. The image instantly appeared on the tablet attached to the Scion Swag Machine, along with a personalized “Thank You” message, while their free gift was dispensed to the reward bin. From there, the images were projected onto the 80-foot screen in the Scion experience. Additionally, consumers could tap their NFC-enabled phone to trigger a gift dispense as well.

Initial results from the four markets revealed more than 20,000 Instagram and NFC impressions, and counting. Toyota plans on using the machines again during this upcoming year’s slate of auto shows.

Almost any prize that could fit into the machine could be dispensed, and the system was easy to install and operate. Once the software was turned on, the machine didn’t need any direct interaction from staff.

The system succeeded on all levels: It generated consumer interest, engaged patrons, encouraged sharing via social media, increased brand awareness and interaction, and captured valuable consumer information.

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Why Industrial Vending Machine Sales are on Fire

According to, what has been the one constant in the post-recession U.S. economy? Answer: The voracious appetite of companies to extract efficiencies in their business, whether through layoffs (which frighten those remaining employees into working harder) or fine-tuning a production process to more than compensate for sluggish sales has continued virtually unabated

However, many large companies are beyond mass layoffs and have their thinking caps on as to how to shave costs further among their remaining operations.

the industrial vending machine tracks and dispenses a company's supplies. The machine has risen in popularity as it's not financially sound to pay an individual $15 an hour to oversee a stockroom of safety goggles, hammers or pens and pencils.

Here is the essence of the industrial vending machine:

  1. The machine takes product out of the stock room and brings it over to the employee. Quicker into the place of employment, quicker onto the job site.
  2. Through the machine's software functions, a manager is able to track who is removing eany product, any time. If the transaction seems weird, the manager can reach out to the employee to investigate the matter. This capability to track and measure is an important tool for managers to help fight hidden costs that eat into profits.
  3. On average, companies that install these systems reduce supply consumption by up to 50%.
The Industrial Vending Machine can make employees aware and accountable for the amount of corporate resources consumed, keep track of wasteful employees, and limit the amount of capital tied up in worker-related inventory.